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If you have a question that requires an immediate answer, please send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us link on the left of the page.  This is community FAQ page where you can post questions about most anything. Vulgar content or language will result in your account being locked.

  • chevron_rightWhy did the DCHOA build a new website?
    The Board of Directors of the DCHOA, decided on a new website for many reasons.  First, the old website provided very little in the way of functionality for the neighborhood.  After the events of 2013, under the past president for that year, the website was moved to a different provider and the content moved to an entirely different hosting site.  It has been very difficult to gain access to the site and almost impossible to edit the content.  Second, the lack of volunteers for the board of directors has necessitated that the current board seek out effective tools to lessen the burden of time and effort in the management of neighborhood business in hopes of being able to continue to keep the management of the HOA "in house", and by extension, keep dues affordable for the membership.  A comprehensive website with multiple file hosting options, easy to administrate navigation links and the ability to use mass email communication across the Member Directory, were prime areas of concern.  We are hopeful, that this tool will ease the burden on future boards by providing effective file management as well as up to date information for all areas of DCHOA management and maintenance.  Third, this website is safe, secure and modern.  The website is hosted on secure servers at a remote sight.  It was built in conjunction with a company based right here in Fishers, Indiana with over a decade of HOA website design.  We have a good sized cloud memory allocation and the functionality is light years beyond what we were using before.
  • chevron_rightHow do I sign in to the new DCHOAFISHERS.COM website for the first time
    Your initial sign on ID is a combination of the word NEW with the 3 digits of your lot #, and the password for all new accounts is CHANGEME.  These are all case sensitive.  So when you click Log In in the top left corner of the webpage, you would use:
    ID: NEWxxx
  • chevron_rightWhat if I can not sign on?
    Send and email to the address:  Put WEBSITE ADMIN in the short description field.  Please provide your name,  street address and return email address and the admin will reset your password or restore your access.  We will allow everyone access for the first 30 days.  After 30 days, if you are past due on your HOA DUES your account will be locked until payment history is established.
  • chevron_rightWhy is there only 1 household member listed in the Member Directory?
    The initial set up for the website used a vendor provided spreadsheet template for setting up the initial member information under the Member Directory Link.  That spreadsheet only allowed for a single user per account.  There are secondary fields that can be added by you once you sign on or by the Administrator.   If you want the administrator to do it, allow up to 4 weeks for the information to be added.  You can do it yourself instantaneously.  If you will please use the Contact Us tab, type WEBSITE ACCOUNT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION in the short description field, the Admin can add additional household members, spouses, partners even children if you wish.  Just give us the street address, a correct email address and the First and Last name of each additional member of your household and we can add them.  Keep in mind that there will only be ONE SIGN ON ACCOUNT for each household regardless of the number of people living there.
  • chevron_rightIs there going to be an online dues payment option available?
    YES!  The PAY ONLINE link on the left will take you to PayPal.  You must have your own PayPal account in order to use the feature.  You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.  There is a 5% PayPal fee that is in addition to the dues amount you will pay.  We have to pass that fee on to you.   We are notified via email once a payment has been made to PayPal.  We will send you a confirmation email once we transfer the payment into the DCHOA bank accouts.  Please use the CONTACT US link on the left if you have any questions.
  • chevron_rightWhat Navigation links can I post on?
    The website has built in links that any member of the DCHOA can post on once logged in.  You will have access to post on the CLASSIFIEDS link, the MESSAGE BOARD link, the PET DIRECTORY link and the Photo Album link.  All other links are locked and can only be edited by the Administrator.  If you would like to post something or place a sponsorship advertisement on the website, please use the CONTACT US link and send us an email.
  • chevron_rightWhy can't I post in certain tabs?
    To keep the Admin duties as simplified as possible, most of the nav links are for informational purposes and can only be modified by the website admin.  If there is a link you would like to post something on, please use the Contact Us link and send us an email with the details of the content and the link you would like to post it in.  The admin in conjunction with the board of directors has the final say on any content decisions.
  • chevron_rightI sent a Contact Us email but haven't seen a reply. Why?
    The administrator of this website is a volunteer on the Board of Directors.  While we try to keep current with all requests, and we try to be timely in our responses, please keep in mind that like you, we all have jobs, families and responsibilities that take priority over the Administration of the HOA website.  Please send us a follow up email if you have not seen a response within 14 days or any action taken on your request in the last 30 days.
  • chevron_rightCan I sign on if I am renting a home in Delaware Crossing?
    That is up to your individual landlords.  They have the sign in information.  If they choose to share it with you that is fine with us.  Since there is only one account available per property, you will need to contact the landlord to gain access to the USER ID and PASSWORD.  The property owner will be held responsible for any content submitted by renters that could be considered objectionable.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Classifieds link for?
    We have provided the Classifieds to the members of DCHOA to offer goods and or services to other members of DCHOA.  We would expect only appropriate content to be posted here.  Operation of a business in your home is expressly against the bylaws of the DCHOA.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Message Board link for?
    The Message Board link has been provided for all DCHOA members who might wish to post about general topics.  Again, we would expect that this message board will be utilized for constructive purposes and as a fun place for our neighbors to share about themselves and their interests.  Any objectionable content will result in your account access being locked.  Please, if you need to file a complaint, use the Contact Us link and send us an email.